Types of Scaffolding Used in Construction

Types of Scaffolding Used in Construction

Choosing a reliable scaffolding company is crucial to ensure the safety of builders on a construction site. While there are many types of scaffolding, each has its purpose, and the right one must be used to renovate or carry out building repairs. So, what are the different types of scaffolding used in the construction industry, and why must the right one be used?

Trestle Scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is typically used by plasterers and bricklayers. Builders also use trestles to carry out routine maintenance work and repairs. It can be adjusted to a height of 5 metres and the platform is supported by moveable ladders.

Access Scaffolding

This variety of scaffolding is a popular choice in any scaffolding company. Access scaffolding is widely used in the construction industry for builders to access those harder-to-reach areas, including roofs. Access scaffolding is often used for repairs and general maintenance and is crucial to have on most construction sites.

Cantilever Scaffolding

This is a crucial tool in a scaffolding company’s arsenal. A cantilever is a type of scaffolding best used when conventional scaffolding cannot be used. For instance, if obstacles are preventing the scaffolding from being erected or the ground cannot support the standards. The cantilever uses needles to support the standard.

Single Scaffolding

Also known as putlog, single scaffolding has one row of standards and is parallel to the building. A platform sits on top to allow workers to freely move as and when necessary. Ledgers are used with couplers to secure the scaffold in place. A scaffolding company will find this is in high demand.

Double Scaffolding

This type of scaffolding is typically used for stone masonry work. There are two rows of scaffolding with the first being fixed near the wall of the building. The second is distanced from the first and putlogs and ledgers are used to support the platform above.

Steel Scaffolding

This is constructed from steel tubes with steel fittings. It is incredibly durable, strong, and a popular option to rent from a scaffolding company. Steel scaffolding helps increase the safety aspect on a site too.

Suspended Scaffolding

This type of scaffold uses a platform that is suspended from the roof and secured with chains or a wire rope. It can be lowered or lifted easily and is great for exterior minor repairs and painting.

Patented Scaffolding

Constructed from steel, patented scaffolding uses frames and couplings to secure it in place. This type of scaffold is incredibly easy to work with and can be perfect for minor repairs that can be finished within a few hours.

The Right Scaffolding and Scaffolding Company Matters

Let’s be honest, there are many types of scaffolding that can be used on a construction site, and it’s easy to believe they all do the same job. That, however, it’s entirely true. The wrong one used could prove disastrous. For instance, a scaffolding company rents out a patented scaffold to a builder. His job, however, will take several weeks to complete, and should have rented a double scaffold. That puts him and others at unnecessary risk. Choosing the best scaffolding company and the right scaffold is crucial to ensure safety on the job site.